Activities Plan for 2019/2020

Globally, U3IS is a research unit designed to encourage the realization of scientific production and guided research by ISVOUGA professors / researchers, within the scope of the teaching areas it provides.

It is assumed, then, as a facilitator between the researcher and the development of research along the lines revealed by the Foundation for Science and Technology, IP [FCT], as well as a cluster of all the information requested by resorts such as A3Es and the General Inspection of Education [IGE]. Therefore, the strategic objectives for the 2019/2020 academic year are detailed in the table below.

Area Objectives to be achieved Action
U3Is Reinforce the impact of U3Is, the scientific curriculum of the faculty and the development of applied research: Disclosure of relevant information for carrying out research (call for papers, research grants, among others) in order to enhance the scientific CV of the Teachers.
Increase in scientific production and respective publication in relevant media, by A3ES, for each scientific area.
Promote the development of research projects in partnership with the protocolized Research Centers and others, in order to contribute to the enhancement of the Teachers' scientific CV, namely with CEPESE, CETRAD and CIDEM.
Development of applied research by students, under the guidance of teachers.
Provide reports that can serve as a reference for the community of teachers and students, for the development of oriented research.
Hold scientific conferences to disseminate research work carried out.
Conducting seminars with a scientific and professional component.
Design electronic scientific journals.
Constant update of the U3Is website with attractive and updated information. Include: Activity Plan, Activity Report, updated online CVs for teachers, Bibliographic news, Call for papers, Projects to be developed or under development with partner research centers, News about online scientific journals, and Dissemination of scientific journeys .
Prepare a final scientific production report, by teachers, on an annual basis.