U3is intends to consolidate theoretical research and consultancy / applied research projects, in the areas of ISVOUGA courses, being in a first phase privileging the area of economic and business sciences, also aiming to promote advanced training.

Framed in the spirit of Bologna, U3is intends to give visibility to the research produced at ISVOUGA, promoting its dissemination and establishing partnerships with similar national and foreign research units.


  • The promotion of scientific research by researchers assigned to the research unit;
  • promoting the participation of researchers in the presentation of communications at conferences, seminars and workshops, in Portugal and abroad;
  • The increase in the number of publications in national and foreign scientific journals, by researchers assigned to the research unit;
  • The promotion of partnerships and participation in networks with researchers from other national and foreign research units;
  • The collection and dissemination of the scientific production of researchers assigned to the research unit, namely through the creation of the edition of working documents (working papers);
  • The organization of seminars, conferences, summer courses and workshops; The design of programs for 1st cycle courses;
  • Designing programs for specialization courses;
  • The promotion of visiting professors' stays;
  • The promotion and integration of 1st cycle students in the unit's research activities;
  • The development of empirical studies and the provision of services to the business community and public administration.