U3Is is ISVOUGA's research and internationalization unit, created for the purpose of producing and disseminating scientific knowledge by the teaching community. Aimed at the development of the region, it has ensured the carrying out of research projects, financed by its main body, in the areas covered by its 1st cycle courses..

U3Is integrates two structures of a more applied nature, namely CIAPSE - Center for Applied Research in Business Projects and Solutions and USEM - Research and Market Research Unit, which are designed to promote projects of a professional nature, following requests by external entities, as well as to provide contributions with a view to the empirical verification of the sets of hypotheses placed within the scope of the theoretical frameworks of the research projects to be developed by ISVOUGA professors. In this context, projects that provide for the development of practical applications are directed to the first, and to the second, all that involve the statistical processing of data.

U3Is is thus the structure that supervises scientific production in the form of articles, promotes the respective publication in specialized magazines, the organization and participation by the teaching / research staff in events of a scientific nature..

ISVOUGA also promotes scientific research through CEPESE - Center for the Study of Population, Economics and Society, of which it is a collective partner. ISVOUGA's research professors, given as their respective areas of intervention, position themselves in this Center in the fields of Management, Economics, Social and Human Sciences and Legal Sciences.

With ISVOUGA's adherence to CEPESE, teachers / researchers at this institution were given the prerogative to access, constantly and systematically, updated information on projects financed by the FCT at any time, to access more easily a higher number primary and secondary sources of information specialized in the scope of each intervention area, to associate with other researchers with identical centers of interest in the matter of research and to integrate multidisciplinary research teams, thus enhancing and reinforcing the respective dynamics at the level of interdisciplinary projects. It is also intended to import to ISVOUGA and, in particular, to the activity developed within the scope of the U3Is, the work methodologies, know-how and good practices adopted within the scope of a body recognized by FCT, with a view to the future recognition of U3Is itself. CEPESE also provides training, within the scope of scientific methodologies, to ISVOUGA and promotes the organization of inter-institution scientific meetings.

Without giving up, Isvouga also has some of its researchers associated with other research centers, where they integrate multidisciplinary teams in the various areas of knowledge, namely, CIDEM / ISEP, LAETA, INESCTEC, INEGI, CIES-ISCTE IUL, REMIT, CEOS, JUSGOV, I2J, Legal Institute of UP, UM Research Center, and CIAUD.